Year 7&8 Summer Camp

There were physical challenges, activities never tried before, team activities and a whole lot of fun.

Thank you so much to the many parents who helped out on camp, cooking, supporting and being amazing. Thank you to all those who donated food, brought extra blankets and went the extra mile for us.

So, what did they do on camp? We asked some of the students to tell us more...

The most challenging thing I did was...

Millah: Rafting.
Serennah: Rafting
Alex: Animal survival... or rafting
Nevaeh: To charge my phone!
Ryan: Climbing

The thing I am most proud of doing - that I was most scared of, but did it anyway:

Millah: The Blob
Serennah: The Blob... and Paintball.
Nevaeh: The massive hydroslide that went into the water
Alex: The Blob. And paintball. And the hydroslide as well!
Ryan: Hydroslide

If I could choose one thing to do again, today, it would be:

Millah: Paintball!
Serennah: Rocket!
Nevaeh: Go karts!
Alex: I dont know... all of it!
Ryan: Hydroslide!

Serennah: The thing I was most excited about was... animal survival, the blob, all the water activities, paintball, go karting, shooting, archery, rocket, kayaking, rafting and climbing.

Millah: It was so fun. I would definitely do it again.

Thanks to Finlay Park Adventure Park for a great week!

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