Over the past few months our union, NZEI – Te Riu Roa has been negotiating with the government for our primary teachers and principals around these three main topics:
Fixing the teacher shortage crisis
Schools are struggling to attract and retain great teachers. There is also a drop in the number of people choosing to train as teachers. This is happening because of years of political undervaluing of the profession. It won’t just fix itself.

Time to teach, time to lead
Teachers and principals are facing immense pressure thanks to enormous workloads and more responsibilities without any additional staffing or time.
There aren’t enough resources available for supporting children with additional learning needs.
Teachers and principals need time to teach, and time to lead.

Fixing issues with relativities and career development
Options for career development can vary a lot from school to school, which means that teachers aren’t getting the same chances to grow in the profession.
At the moment, there are some issues with relativity, and there is limited recognition for teachers and principals with specialist skills.
Both these factors are contributing to the teacher shortage crisis.

On Wednesday 15 August your child/ren’s teacher will be involved in a full day strike meaning the school will be closed on that day. The profession wants the best quality education for your child/ren and this strike is letting the government know that we are serious about working together to achieve it.

Here is an open letter to parents to help shed some light on why the teaching profession is moved to action, and why they need your help and support.

Open Letter to Parents