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Our Vision

Empower All People to be Healthy, Lifelong Learners

At Puketapu School learning experiences are designed with the individual akonga (learner) in mind. As a collaborative and healthy hapori (community), we nurture creative and resilient problem solvers, ako ki takaro me nga pakirehua (learn through play and inquiry) , connect locally, nationally and globally, use hangarau (technology) and real world tools, and promote the courage and empathy necessary to change the ao tūroa (world).


Our Values

Kia kaha – Do your best
Kia māia – Be courageous
Kia manawanui – Have a heart

Our Values video 2017:

Our Principles

  • High Expectations
  • Oritetanga ( Equity)
  • Inclusion – Ako
  • Community Involvement
  • Future Focus
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Hauora


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Starting a new school is a really important event and we are keen to help children adjust happily and easily to their school experiences.

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment through the School Office to meet with the Principal before your child commences school.

Senior staff and class teachers like to meet prospective new students and their parents when they arrive to enrol.

To make your child’s first day the best it can be, Puketapu School usually starts new students on a Wednesday. This ensures that their class is settled and prepared to give them a great welcome and a great first day.

How to Enrol

Enrolling is easy!

Complete the online pre-enrolment form: https://enrolments.linc-ed.com/apply/NZ/2223

When you come in to meet us, bring your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport, their immunisation certificate and proof of your address to meet our Zone requirements.

We will discuss with you any special requirements for your child and make sure we answer any questions you may have.

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Structure and Groupings

Every student is in several different groups at school:


Every child has a homeroom, which is where they start and finish their day and spend the majority of their time. The homeroom has a mixture of year groups in it and one regular teacher.

Learning Team

Every class is part of a Learning Team, which brings together children of similar ages and year groups and allows the sharing of specialist teacher skills between classes. The four learning teams are Rimu, Totara, Kowhai and Kauri.

Year Group

Some activities are specific to a year group, for example, Technology Classes are for Year 7&8. Camps are also for specific year groups.

At these times, students may join with children from the same year group in different classes.

Whanau Group

The school has four Whanau Groups, Kakapo (green), Tui (blue), Kiwi (yellow) and Piwakawaka (red).

Each Whanau Group has children of all ages, classes and year groups.

Every child remains in their Whanau Group for their entire time at Puketapu. (Siblings and cousins are kept in the same Whanau Group, too.)

Whanau activities are held throughout the year and everyone (adults included) is encouraged to dress up in their Whanau Group colours and support their Whanau group, especially at events like Triathlon, Cross Country or Sports days.

There is a trophy for the winning Whanau group!


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The health, safety and welfare of our students is very important to us.  As professionals, we maintain a strict code of conduct and treat all information regarding children as confidential. Where we have concerns, we will contact parents. The school has access to the following agencies for assistance:

  • Family Worker (SWIS)
  • Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour
  • Hearing and Vision Tester
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Police Education
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Special Education Service
  • Children’s Health Camp

Please contact your child’s teacher or Principal if you wish to use any of these services.

Medical Conditions and Medication

If your child has any special medical condition that you think we should know about, please ensure we do. Generally speaking, if a child is on medication, they should not be at school but if necessary we will administer medication at school on an “all care but no responsibility” basis. Please ensure that you hand any such medication to us. No pills, medicine or anything similar should be placed in children’s lunch boxes or bags. Inhalers for asthmatic children should be handed in to the School Office so that they are available as required.

Accidents and Sickness

No matter what precautions are taken, it is necessary to be prepared for accidents and unforeseen circumstances. In the case of sickness, the child concerned will be made as comfortable as possible in the sickroom and the parent notified. Minor accidents will be treated at School using the material available in the first aid cabinet in the sickroom.
More serious accidents will necessitate immediate notification of parents or doctor/ambulance paramedics if required.

Family Matters

The School should be advised of any circumstance that directly affects your child, such as the sadness of a family bereavement or separation from a parent for work or other family reasons. Your child will need special consideration in these stressful times.
Please advise your child’s teacher if you are to be absent ie hospital, holiday, work commitments etc, and your child is to be cared for by someone else. This often explains uncharacteristic behaviour from a child.

General Health

The Public Health Nurse is located at Taranaki Base Hospital and is available by appointment to help people by:

  • listening
  • helping to find information
  • providing support while people make their decisions
  • accessing health and social services and contacts
  • providing resources – posters, pamphlets, videos etc for groups and individuals.

Along with the school, the Nurse is keen to work together with you to promote the wellbeing and happiness of your child and family while at Puketapu School. The Health Nurse is available by phoning (06) 753 7790 Ext 8772

All children are routinely checked by a qualified Vision and Hearing Technician in their first year of schooling. Further vision and colour testing is carried out in Year 7. If you have any concerns about your child’s vision or hearing, please phone (06) 758 5203.

The mobile Dental Clinic bus, from Te Henui Dental Clinic, attends school twice per year. The dental clinic can be contacted on (06) 757 3405.

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Children’s education must be a team effort between home and school and this will happen best if the communication between the two is open, honest and frank.

Our most fervent wish is for you to find school and staff approachable at any time.

We will do our very best for your children and we need your support to do this best. Please come in at any time and see us if you have any concerns.

Remember too – if you don’t believe all that children tell you about school, we promise not to believe all that they tell us about home!

Student Showcase

A full school assembly is held every second Friday morning, from 9.15am.  Each time, one class leads assembly.

Parents are welcome to attend.

Learning Teams each have their own regular assemblies at other times and twice per year we have a special Duffy Role Model Assembly as part of the Duffy Books in Homes Programme.


Our newsletters are a very important means of communicating school information with all families. They are distributed weekly on Wednesdays.

It is an online newsletter, which is sent via our Parent Portal, added to our Facebook group, this web site and also emailed. Please notify the Office if you wish to have it regularly emailed to you.

If you or any local organisations wish to have items published, please write out the appropriate message and we will do our best to include it. Everything adds interest and you are welcome to use this facility.


Our school community is invited to join us on Facebook – Puketapu School.Bell Block. This is a closed group, restricted to known members of our school community.

Parent Teacher Communication

Parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their child’s teacher. Good understanding and communication between home and school has excellent benefits to your child’s learning.

There are many opportunities during the school year for this successful partnership to develop; at Head Start Meetings, Parent-Teacher-Student conferences, evening meetings, phone calls, informal chats and notes, class trips, homework, written reports and parent involvement in school activities.

You are encouraged to approach us any time you have concerns but we also ask you to acknowledge the strengths and successes as they occur.

Written reports are issued in Term 2 (mid-year reports) and Term 4. Reports provide a written record of the progress and a summary of achievement and attitudes and also include ways that you can help support learning at home.

For more information about helping at home, see our Helping at Home section.

Parent Helpers

From time to time we invite parent helpers to assist in the school in various ways, for example library help, transport, school lunches, repairing equipment etc. Usually these requests are made through newsletters, notices or via our Facebook page.

If you are interested and can help, please let us know.

We do appreciate the considerable help we get from parents and it is all to the direct advantage of your children.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees provides governance to the school. They are always approachable and welcome contact from parents and members of the community. For more information about the Board’s members, see the Board of Trustees page.

Home and School

Our Home and School is a very energetic group of parents who meet regularly with the following as their aims:

  • To provide a co-ordinating body for activities where the Board of Trustees requires/requests community involvement, for example, questionnaires, community consultation etc.
  • To undertake fundraising activities for the school in support of the Board of Trustees budget programme.
  • To initiate, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, activities which will promote closer involvement and understanding between the school and the community.

Open meetings are held monthly and dates are published in school newsletters. We welcome all parents to come along and be involved. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding.

During the year the Home and School coordinates a range of activities, including our Gala Day, Car Boot & Market Days, Movie Nights and much more.

Recent fundraising has been put towards sports equipment and uniforms, developing a dedicated Junior playground, special toys and games for classrooms and helping students and families in tough times.

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We are very fortunate to have excellent grounds and facilities at our school, including a modern and challenging adventure playground, large playing fields and courts.

Swimming Pool

We are proud to have our own school swimming pool.

During the summer, swimming is an important part of the Physical Education programme and children are asked to bring their togs every day.


Puketapu School has a well stocked library with an experienced Librarian.

Use of School Grounds

We are happy for you or your children to use the playing area during out of school hours. However no responsibility for accidents at these times is recognised by school authorities. Please remember they are school grounds – keep them tidy and encourage others to do the same.

Many organisations use the grounds during evenings and weekends. Permission for use should be sought from the Principal.

[/toggle_content][toggle_content title="What Makes Us Special?"]

We are lucky to benefit from a range of programmes and initiatives for our students:

Duffy Books in Homes Programme

The Duffy Books in Homes Programme provides free books to all our students, and their younger siblings at home.

In addition to books, the programme provides Role Model Assemblies, Duffy Theatre and “Caught Being Good” awards.

“It’s cool to read and cool to achieve!”

This valuable programme is sponsored in our School by Mainfreight.



Let’s Go! Programme

Puketapu School has been working with Let’s Go to encourage, support and educate students and families about travel planning.

Working together, we aim to bring about changes in attitude and travel behaviour that support healthy and positive lifestyle choices.

Park and Walk: Encouraging students who have to travel by car to walk the last bit to school, encouraging a safer school gate with less pollution.

Cycle Skills Training: Making sure everyone stays safe on bikes, including keeping your bike roadworthy.

Scooter Safety: Making sure everyone stays safe on scooters and are aware of dangers such as driveways.

Fonterra Milk in Schools

We are happy to be part of the Fonterra Milk in Schools programme, which provides free milk for all our students. See https://www.fonterramilkforschools.com/

Before and After School Care

Provided by Cherish Childcare, we have both before school care and after school care, right here at the school.  Contact Cherish on (06) 755 4405.


Puketapu School has a well stocked, modern library and an experienced Librarian, Mrs Judith Jackson.

Design Technology

Our Year 7&8 students have access to Design Technology on site, with a specialist teacher instructing them in a range of hard and soft material design and creation processes, gardening and cooking.

[/toggle_content][toggle_content title="Policies"]

Puketapu School uses the online policies website SchoolDocs so our policies are always online for any parent.

Policies required to be on our web site:

[/toggle_content][toggle_content title="Education Review Office (ERO)"]

Schools and early childhood services are reviewed on average once every three years.

Puketapu School was reviewed in 2019.

The review report will be published here once finalised.

Our previous review was in 2016.

Education Review Report for Puketapu School May 2016

Education Review Report for Puketapu School May 2013

Education Review Report for Puketapu School February 2010

For more information about how reviews are conducted, see the Education Review Office website.

(From this site you can also access reports on national educational issues based on information compiled by ERO through its reviews of individual schools and early childhood services.)

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Term dates for 2020

Term 1: Tuesday 4 February – Thursday 9 April (adjusted to March due to COVID-19 lockdown)
Term 2: Wednesday 15 April – Friday 3 July
Term 3: Monday 20 July – Friday 25 September
Term 4: Monday 12 October – Tuesday 15 December

Term dates for 2021

Term 1:  Tuesday 2 February – Friday 16 April
Term 2: Monday 3 May – Friday 9 July
Term 3: Monday 26 July – Friday 1 October
Term 4: Monday 18 October – Wednesday 15 December

Term dates for 2022
Term dates will be confirmed by the Board in late 2021 

Term 1: between Monday 31 January (at the earliest) and Tuesday 8 February (at the latest) – Thursday 14 April
Term 2: Monday 2 May – Friday 8 July
Term 3: Monday 25 July – Friday 30 September
Term 4: Monday 17 October – ends no later than Tuesday 20 December

The Ministry of Education sets dates for Terms up to three years in advance.