Our New School Board of Trustees

The results are in! Thank you to all those who stood for election and thank you also to all those who voted. The official election declaration is below:

Puketapu School Board Elections

Parent Elections Results Declaration

Parent representative votes:               

Name                                                                                     Votes

Paul RAUPUTU                                                                                  99

Stephanie JULIAN                                                                              94

Shannen ROBINSON                                                                        91

Megan CORIN                                                                                    81

Hayley ADAMS                                                                                  78

Rebecca THOMSON                                                                         58

Candice ARMOOGAM                                                                       48

                                                                Invalid Votes                        1                                                                

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Paul RAUPUTU                                                                                 

Stephanie JULIAN                                                                             

Shannen ROBINSON                                                                       

Megan CORIN                                                                                   

Hayley ADAMS                                                                                 


Paula Martin
Returning Officer

25 Dillon Drive,
Bell Block,
New Plymouth.

Main Reception
Phone 06 755-0973
©2022 Te Kura o Puketapu
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