This term's learning is all about my magnificent machine - my body: how it works, how to keep it healthy, what it needs to fuel itself and how do I compare to other living things?

Here is what some of our tamariki have learnt so far ⬇️

Rosie Wilson, 5 years: We have a rib cage to protect our lungs 🩻

Aria Marshall, 5 years: We have a bone at the front of our head to protect our brain 🧠

Isla Johnson, 10 years: The heart pumps and produces oxygen rich blood 🩸

Parker Smith, 9 years: This is the cranium and it protects your brain 💀

Sapphire Kuchler, 10 years: The Femur is the biggest bone in your body, it is your upper leg bone 🦵🏻

Madie Cadman, 10 years: Your brain is like an engine, it is the engine for your body 🚗

Ella Rauputu, 12 years: We have been learning about the human body and how it functions. I can name over 100 bones in the body 🦴

Vinnie & Leo Luke, 12 years & 10 years : Everyones body has the same parts but all bodies are different. Most people breathe through their mouth and nose and it goes down to their lungs. Vinnie can't breath through his mouth or nose so he breathes through the tracky in his throat 🫁

Lachie Waldron, 12 years: Look after your body because it is your machine. Then you can enjoy things like playing basketball 🏀

Pippa Perkinson, 8 years: When you break a bone it swells and you need an xray to see where the break is. I fell off the monkey bars yesterday and had to have an xray on my bones ❤️‍🩹

Romie Marlow, 7 years: I learned about the digestive system and where the food goes. When you eat it goes down your esophagus to your liver then stomach, after that it passes through your large intestine, then your small intestine, before it comes out in the toilet 💩

Lucian Hoskin, 13 years: I have learnt that you need to protect your brain, like wear a helmet when on a bike or wheels. If you do not protect your brain and have an accident then it will impair your motor control meaning you would not be able to climb and swing from trees like this 🧗‍♀️

Kingston Benton, 12 years: Falangies are the bones in our fingers, they are connected by joints and ligaments. These help me play my guitar 🎸

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