Our Playground

Our School Playground was originally built in 1993 with the help of the

Parent Support Group
On it we have got a big bumpy slide, as shown in the picture, a VERY tall pole to slither down, a cargo net to clamber up and ladders to climb .
We have also got a blue Oz Play playground. It's got a small slide, a Nut Cracker pole, a wiggly bridge and monkey bars !





This year (2004) our trusty Parent Support Group has just completed a $30,000 upgrade of our playground.

It is just great.

Why this design ?


The activities provided on this playground were all chosen by the children of Puketapu School (through the school council).  It is classed as a ‘senior’ playground but it is great to see all children challenging themselves.  Most activities are promoting the use of upper body strength




What is this wood chip ?


We replaced the bark with a product called Cushionfall.

Puketapu School is the first school in Taranaki to use this product.

Cushionfall is a superior product to bark as it has a higher impact resistance, lasts 3-4 times longer, has excellent drainage qualities, is cleaner, doesn’t blow around in the wind and is environmentally friendly - being made from recycled timber. Tests have shown that cushionfall is 25% more absorbent after 5 years of use.


We would like to thank Reharvest Timber Ltd for their generosity for allowing us to purchase at a discounted price and for their free delivery from Auckland.



How much did it cost?


Supply and Installation of Playground  (The Playground Centre)  $ 15,989.00
140m3 Cushionfall  (Reharvest Timber LTD)  $ 6,550.00
Timber (Carters)   $1,911.19
Building consent (NPDC)    $ 149.33

Sub Total



$ 3,074.94


$ 27,674.46




How did we pay for it ?




TSB Community Trust for a special grant of $10,000

Community Grants Foundation Inc for their grant of $9,280

Puketapu School Community as the balance of $8,394.46

    was raised through the Parent Support Group

    (2002 Gala, Easter Raffle, The Warehouse Raffle, Calendars etc)


Carters for giving a discount on timber purchased

The Playground Centre Supply and Installation of Playground

Reharvest Timber LTD for the 140m3 of Cushionfall 

Community Probation Service for  providing labour to spread the cushionfall and for building the timber surrounds.